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Elkhart 100EH Bb euphonium
  • Instalment plans from £12.68 per month
  • Non-compensating Bb euphonium outfit for beginners
  • Supplied in a moulded case with mouthpiece and polishing cloth
  • Medium bore rose brass lead pipe
  • Three stainless steel piston valves with cupronickel slides
  • Socket for marching band lyre attachment (not included)
  • One water key on main tuning slide
Product code: 100EH
Barcode: 6936923000497
Category: Euphoniums
per month
  £45.18 over 12 months
  £31.64 over 18 months
  £24.87 over 24 months
  £18.10 over 36 months
  £14.71 over 48 months
  £12.68 over 60 months
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  • Quick & simple online application and approval process with free fast delivery direct to your door
  • Provided at least half of the rental payments due have been made, the plan is fully cancellable and the instrument can be returned
  • Complete all the monthly plan payments and the instrument is YOURS TO KEEP with no extra cost to pay
The Elkhart 100EH is a full sized non-compensating Bb euphonium made for beginners and young players. It is built in the English brass band style with an upright bell and has been carefully designed to make the inexperienced musician’s learning journey as easy as possible.

Most of the tubing is made from hard yellow brass with a clear lacquer finish and gradually expands from the medium bore leadpipe all the way to the large flared bell. Softer rose brass is used for the lead pipe which makes it easier for beginners to produce a consistent mellow tone at the cost of some overall projection.

The slides attached to the three stainless steel piston valves are cylindrical rather than conical, and made from durable cupronickel. As there is no compensating fourth valve, the euphonium’s range is limited in the lower pedal register. However, beginners are unlikely to need to use the extremes of the instrument’s range, and losing the extra tubing makes the 100EH much lighter than more expensive models.

A small box with a lyre socket and screw is also welded to the side of the valve block. This can be used to hold sheet music while marching. Please note: the lyre clip attachment itself is NOT included.

Each euphonium is supplied in a semi-hard case with back-pack straps and a detachable large shoulder strap. A beginner friendly deep cup mouthpiece is also included along with a lint free polishing cloth.
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