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Your questions answered

Are your instruments new?

Yes. Unless otherwise stated, all the instruments you hire from us are brand new.

Can I cancel the hire?

Yes. Provided you have paid at least four monthly instalments, you should contact us to arrange to return the instrument (at your own expense) to Duet Group, Bank House, Bank Street, Ashford, Kent, TN23 1BX. When we have received the instrument, we’ll check it for any damage beyond normal wear and tear. Once satisfied, we will cancel the agreement and you won’t need to pay anything more.

Can I upgrade my instrument?

Yes. Perhaps you’ve grown out of your instrument and need to upgrade to a different size or model, or have decided to give up one instrument and learn another. Either way, we’ll need to cancel the first agreement and start a new one. Provided you’ve completed at least four instalment payments, simply follow the instructions above for cancelling and return the instrument to us.

Can I pay the balance early and buy the instrument outright?

Yes, of course! Just give our Customer Service team a call on 01233 896822 and they’d be delighted to help.

I hired multiple instruments. Is it possible to cancel one and keep another?

Yes, this is fine. Call our Customer Service team on 01233 896822 for advice.

What should I do if my instrument needs repair?

If your instrument gets damaged, you should take it to your local music shop for an assessment. It’s up to you to pay for any repairs. We won’t accept damaged goods should you wish to return your instrument and cancel the contract early, so if you’re not planning to buy it outright, make sure any instrument repairs are performed by a professional!

What happens if my instrument is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair?

It is your responsibility to insure your instruments, but don’t panic - most will be covered by your house contents insurance. If you plan to return the instrument, bear in mind that the contract can only be cancelled once we have received it and checked it for damage. So, if it’s lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair you will still have to pay us for the whole term.

I have a question that's not answered here.

Contact our helpful Customer Service team - they'll be happy to answer any questions about our service you may have.

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