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Musical instrument hire made easy

Duet Group

The Duet Group is a specialised services company offering hiring, operational leasing, Rent To Buy and maintenance of musical instruments. The Group comprises of Duet Retail (incorporating Duet Shop) for hiring services to individuals under our unique Rent To Buy scheme; Duet Education for services to schools, colleges and universities; Duet Foundation, a charity supporting music education and the Duet Philharmonic Orchestra, which performs orchestral works and is composed of students from client schools and colleges.

Duet Retail (incorporating Duet Shop)

The Duet Shop is a completely unique online service designed to help you obtain the musical instrument or equipment you desire from the comfort of your own home and delivered direct to your door fast and free of charge. Our unique musical instrument Rent To Buy scheme offers a quick and simple solution with monthly instalments to suit all budgets. After completing a minimum rental period all plans are cancellable giving you complete flexibility and peace of mind. What's more if continue to the end of your plan the instrument is yours to keep at no extra cost to you. So whether you are an experienced musician, just starting to learn to play an instrument or if you are a parent whose child is beginning to explore the world of music, hiring an instrument under our Rent To Buy scheme makes perfect sense.

Duet Education

From whichever angle you approach the issue - educational, pastoral, financial or the strategic business perspective - optimal performance of the instrument fleet should be a primary target for any educational establishment. Having better instruments of the appropriate quality, in perfect condition, available to your students more of the time, is good news for the student, the music teacher, the bursar/finance director, principal and marketing team alike. A well-managed instrument portfolio, with a planned maintenance and renewal/replacement schedule delivers:

Instrument Maintenance

Maintenance of your instruments lies at the heart of our Leasing and Managed Services business. With a fully documented service scheme for musical instruments, Duet ensures your fleet is delivering the best artistic quality possible. Such a service, of course, has to reflect your particular requirements including repertoire, student learning curve, and local environment. Our service specifications deal with both preventative and remedial maintenance from a task as simple as tuning a piano to rebuilding a chapel organ. Duet's clients know that when they entrust their instrument fleet to us, they are assured of instruments working to the optimum level of musical standards.

Duet Foundation

The Foundation was established to assist young musicians with their exploration of music. We have funded many young musicians to assist with their tuition, their purchase of instruments, their concerts and their mentoring. Moreover, we have funded concerts for orchestras, community projects, chamber ensembles and young composers' premiers. This year the Duet Foundation will continue to support music making, new music, and young musicians. Through our association with the Music Masters' Association the Foundation will support a new young musician's award for the Royal Philharmonic Society.

To purchase a professional-grade oboe for a young musician is about £7,000; a good practice piano about £5,000; a good cello about £20,000. To pay for a young musician's lessons is about £200 per academic term. The Foundation is able to claim from the Inland Revenue (HMRC) 25% of any donation made by a UK tax payer. So if you felt able to donate £10 then that would become £12.50. The Duet Foundation has no salaried staff but rather volunteers from the Duet Group so you'll know that every penny you donate will go straight to a young musician.

If you are interested in supporting the Duet Foundation or would like to make a contribution to its work, please contact enquiries@duetgroup.co.uk

Duet Philharmonic

The Duet Philharmonic Orchestra, established in 2013, seeks to give young orchestral players a 'once in a lifetime experience' performing repertoire that many musicians can only dream of playing, to the highest possible standard. Performances to date have been Mahler's 8th Symphony and Strauss' Alpine Symphony and Four Last Songs. Within the last two years Duet has established a partnership with the Royal Philharmonic Society in a collaboration entitled Ensemble Philharmonic. This allows aspiring young musicians to make connections with the professional music world through concerts, talks, masterclasses and creative collaborations.

The new RPS Duet Prize furthers the aims of encouraging young people to achieve their aspirations through world class music making, and seeks to identify exceptional young composers and performers.

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