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Yamaha DTX400 series electronic drum kit

Versatile entry level 5-piece digital drum set

Manufacturer: Yamaha


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  • Three compact models available
  • Sturdy steel rack and indestructible rubber pads
  • Intuitive control panel with 10 realistic preset kits
  • Interactive training functions with voice guidance
  • Connect your iOS device and use free apps for extra features
Manufacturer: Yamaha

The Yamaha DTX400 series of entry level digital drum kits offer a versatile set of sounds and an amazingly realistic experience for drummers of any level. The built-in training functions make them particularly suitable for beginners, while their compact size and headphone port make it possible for learners to practise without getting in anyone’s way.

There are three different models available, each including the same number of drums and an identical sound module unit, as well as all necessary jack-to-jack cables to connect everything together. Pedals and snare pads improve in quality with each model – see more info for exact configurations.

Each drum pad is made from thick rubber that bounces sticks in a very similar way to real drum skins. This rubber has a rough surface that prevents sticks sliding, making it much easier to practice complicated double and triple hits, and every pad is pressure sensitive allowing true dynamic expression.

Pedals, rims, and cymbal bells react just like an acoustic kit, and any individual component can be upgraded at any time if more functionality is desired. The frame is rock solid and fully adjustable so drummers can set it up to match an acoustic kit size and layout exactly, but it can be folded together quickly to save space when not in use

Ten preset drumkits show off Yamaha’s legendary sample sets: Maple Custom, Oak Custom, Hard Rock, Vintage, Funk, Session, Jazz, R&B, Marching, and Percussion. Each of these can be customized, mixed, and overwritten with any of the 169 sounds stored in the control unit.

A unique feature of Yamaha DTX electronic drums is the interactive education mode. Several training routines, games, and challenges help learners to improve their technique using voice guidance to encourage and instruct. There is also an onboard bank of songs and grooves to play along with as well as a metronome with a range up to 300 bpm. Connect your iPhone or iPad to access more advanced practice aids with visual guidance via free Yamaha apps.

The kits all feature a headphone output for silent practice, as well as an aux input for jamming with other backing tracks, and a USB port for connecting to computers. Wiring the DTX drums up to any sequencing software will allow it to be used as a MIDI controller.

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Alesis DM Lite electronic drum kit
Alesis DM Lite electronic drum kit

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£5.98 for 60 months 



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