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Adams Soloist rosewood xylophone

Octave tuned xylophone for intermediate and advanced students

Product code: XS2LV40 Manufacturer: Adams


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  • Supplied with mallets and a thin dust cover
  • Attractive light rosewood bars produce a bright tone
  • Height adjustable Voyager frame on wheels
  • Folding resonators and rails for easy storage and transportation
  • Four octave range from C4-C8 tuned to A4 = 442Hz
Product code: XS2LV40 Manufacturer: Adams

This Adams Soloist XS2LV40 is a four octave xylophone designed for intermediate and advanced students. Its convenient practical design makes it particularly well suited to school and university music departments. Like all Adams instruments it is built to last and has been very precisely set up to ensure perfect intonation and a balanced tone.

Each of the 49 graduated bars on the xylophone’s four octave keyboard are made of light coloured rosewood. They span a range from C4 to C8 where A4 = 442Hz and have been ‘octave tuned’ meaning that their first harmonic is two octaves above the fundamental. This produces a particularly bright and clear sound that is generally preferred in Europe. American xylophones tend to use ‘quint tuning’ which includes a fifth harmonic before the double octave for a fuller piercing tone.

The xylophone bars sit on vinyl wrapped rails over adjustable powder coated resonators, and the whole mechanism features a central hinge allowing players to fold the instrument away easily for transport or storage. This all sits on one of Adam’s famously strong and versatile Voyager stands which can be wheeled about easily on lockable castors, and adjusted to any height between 80-100cm.

All Adams xylophones come with a thin dust cover and a pair of XB6 mallets.


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