Trevor James Alphasax student Eb alto saxophone outfit

Reduced weight Eb student alto saxophone designed for the young beginner

Product code: TJ371A-GL Manufacturer: Trevor James


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The Trevor James Alpha Sax is something of a design innovation and has been specifically designed for younger, smaller players who are unable to cope with the weight and reach of the standard Alto saxophone. This instrument is generally one that will have been specifically recommended by a teacher and has proven to be the ideal stepping stone between a recorder and an Alto Sax.

Probably the first thing to say here is that the instrument is designed around the original tube of the standard Eb Alto saxophone but with completely re-designed key mechanism and with the tone hole positioning altered. The original idea was to keep this instrument as similar to the standard instrument as possible so when the pupil is able to progress the differences are minimal. However, the unique design of this sax makes an enormous difference to the smaller player!

The key work has been dramatically reduced. This has a two fold benefit. Firstly it makes the saxophone significantly lighter - it is generally thought that the Alpha sax is over 30% lighter than a standard instrument which makes it easier to carry, easier to hold and consequently easier to play. Secondly, the reduced key-work takes out all of the keys which a beginner would not use which makes little hands much more able to reach around the saxophone.

Even with this reduced key-work it is still possibly to play a fully chromatic scale from low C to high D which makes it possible to get up to ABRSM grade 3 standard on this instrument. The Alpha sax plays in the key of Eb, just the same as the standard Alto and the keys which are present are of the standard positioning.

A new lightweight (1.48kg) molded case with backpack straps is included along with a padded neck strap, mouthpiece, cap and single screw ligature. A Vandoren reed completes the package.

Whilst purchasing the instrument is popular option and the Alpha sax is certainly good value for money, a number of customers do decide to rent the instrument from us. As the whole idea and design is based around the instrument being a temporary measure (a stepping stone) renting in the short term is therefore popular.

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- The left hand palm keys for top D#, E and F have been removed.
- The top D key has been adjusted to fit small hands.
- The low B & Bb keys have been removed.
- Redesigned G# and low C# keys are now easier to reach.
- The right hand side F# keys and side C key have been removed.
- Redesigned low D# and C keys are now easier to reach.
- The Alphasax™ retains a fully chromatic range from low C to high D.
- Bb bis and side Bb keys are retained


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