Paxman Academy double F/Bb French horn

Double F/Bb French horn outfit for intermediate students

Manufacturer: Paxman


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  • Supplied with a padded gig bag and Paxman mouthpiece
  • Full double and compensating models available
  • Four rotary valves with metal linkages
  • Nickel silver tuning slides
Manufacturer: Paxman

Most students of the French horn start learning with a single Bb or single F instrument as these are light, simple to operate, and relatively cheap. F horns have a fuller tone and more controlled lower register while Bb models have a better tuned upper register, and different teachers will recommend one or the other depending on their individual teaching methods and priorities. As players progress and explore more repertoire, it will become increasingly important to upgrade to a double horn that offers the advantages of both sizes.

The respected Paxman brand is famous for professional French horns, and their Academy series are the most popular student step-up instruments in the world. These double horns come in two styles: the PAX-AF full double consists of two separate lengths of tubing – essentially two single horns side by side – with a shared bell and mouthpiece, while the PAX-AC compensating horn has one tube that can be lengthened by routing the air through a four foot extension while playing.

Full doubles (also known as Geyer style horns) are more versatile and produce a better tone, but as they involve significantly more brass, they are much heavier and more expensive than the lightweight compensating horns so may be unsuitable for young musicians. The full double features slide rings to help make it easier to tune all the extra pipes, and an adjustable left-hand little finger hook to cater for students with small hands who would rather not compromise on tone.

Both models feature four rotary valves with strong metal linkages. These consist of the three valves found on a normal single horn, and a fourth (operated with the left thumb) that switches between Bb and F configurations. The tubing is made from hard yellow brass with durable nickel silver tuning slides. Every horn is finished with an attractive gold lacquer and comes supplied as an outfit that includes a Paxman mouthpiece and a padded case.


Yamaha YHR567 double F/Bb French horn - fixed bell
Yamaha YHR567 double F/Bb French horn - fixed bell

Full double French horn outfit for intermediate players

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