Nuvo Student flute - lazer green

Full sized moulded plastic flute for beginners

Product code: NSF7 Manufacturer: Nuvo


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  • Straight head joint and C foot
  • Extremely durable and 100% waterproof
  • Coloured key caps can be used as a learning tool
  • Nuvo Firstnote lip plate helps beginners learn quickly
  • Includes protective case and accessories
Product code: NSF7 Manufacturer: Nuvo

The NSF is a fully-functioning, fully-chromatic student flute with a straight head joint and C foot. Like Nuvo’s bestselling Clarineo, it is made of moulded plastic which gives it many advantages over a normal instrument. It is almost unbreakable and 100% waterproof, and if it does get damaged, it is easy and cheap to repair. Contrary to what one might expect, advanced players often remark that the flute’s tone quality is also superior to many entry level metal instruments.

Weighing just 255g – about half the weight of a traditional flute – it is ideal for young players who find it difficult to support the weight of a metal instrument as well as older students who suffer from neck or shoulder strain during long practice sessions or concerts. It requires very little maintenance and can be washed with soap and warm water making it hygienic for junior music programs where numerous children may have to share the same instrument.

Nuvo have designed several ingenious features for beginners including strong silicone rubber rings that prevent damage being caused during instrument assembly, rubber pads to encourage a correct grip, and colourful key caps – a useful visual aid for remembering complex fingering. A length reducing curved head joint is not included so the smaller jFlute is recommended for children under 8 years old.

Like the jFlute, this instrument features the Firstnote lip plate, a removable recorder-like mouthpiece that gives novices the ability to create a satisfying sound from their very first lesson. Channelling air correctly can be a tricky and frustrating technique to master. This aid eliminates the obstacle which will in turn encourage practice and allow more time to be spent learning fingering. The patented design also automatically trains the players’ lips into the correct shape thereby easing the transition to a normal lip plate.

Everything a beginner will need is supplied as part of the outfit including a sturdy semi-hard case with detachable shoulder strap, a cleaning rod and pull through, o-ring grease, and a tool kit containing key caps, a key cap tool, and a screwdriver.

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Instrument weight255g
Boxed dimensions50.5cm x 15.5cm x 9.5cm
Boxed weight1.16kg


Nuvo jFlute - white with green collar
Nuvo jFlute - white with green collar

Moulded plastic flute with curved head joint

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