Nuvo Clarineo

Moulded plastic clarinet for players of all levels

Manufacturer: Nuvo


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  • Plays in C rather than Bb
  • Includes protective case with reeds and accessories
  • Lightweight and virtually indestructible
  • Available in a range of eye-catching colours
  • 100% waterproof for easy cleaning
Manufacturer: Nuvo

Nuvo have revolutionised the woodwind instrument market with their innovative designs and modern manufacturing techniques. The Clarineo was their first major release, and while it was built specifically for beginners, its versatility has made it extremely popular with players of all levels in all genres of music.

A combination of ABS and Delrin plastics make up the bulk of each Clarineo. It is extremely light and virtually unbreakable, as well as cheap to manufacture and repair. The durable plastic is also 100% waterproof meaning it can be washed with soap and warm water.

The instrument’s body is easily assembled from three parts and is a little smaller than a normal clarinet which helps young hands learn to control it quickly. A bayonet fitting on the bell makes it easy to click in and out of place, while the mouthpiece has silicone rubber rings that bypass any problems associated with traditional corks. It also features a simple clip on ligature with no screws to worry about, and a fully-adjustable thumb rest.

Unlike most clarinets, the Clarineo is pitched in C, eliminating any need to think about transposition. This is an especially useful feature for schools as players can effortlessly join in with other musicians in place of a violin, recorder, flute, voice, or anything else that reads music in C. It has also made the Clarineo popular with professional clarinettists as a reliable alternative to very expensive C instruments.

The Clarineo’s acoustics have been very carefully designed to replicate every function and nuance of a standard clarinet. Its tone is rich and resonant across the whole chromatic range, and its unique manufacture process allows for undercut toneholes to be incorporated in the design thereby allowing for precise intonation.

Each Clarineo outfit comes compete with two Nuvo plastic mouthpieces and one traditional cane reed. Although both are equally effective, synthetic reeds last much longer and resist the damage which can occur to cane over time. The synthetic reeds also have a location rib which engages with the mouthpiece table to ensure correct positioning. Everything else a young clarinettist will need is also included: a stylish moulded case, fingering chart, mouthpiece cap, pull-through, and o-ring grease.



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