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Nuvo jSax

Miniature plastic saxophone pitched in C

Manufacturer: Nuvo


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  • Supplied in a hard case with reeds and accessories
  • Extremely durable and 100% waterproof
  • Fully chromatic range from middle C to high G
  • Ideal for young beginners
Manufacturer: Nuvo

The jSax is a fun and easy way to begin learning the saxophone. Like all Nuvo creations, it is made from lightweight moulded plastic and exhibits many innovative features designed to help young aspiring musicians start to play. It uses the same fingering patterns as a normal saxophone, albeit with hugely simplified keywork, and has a fully chromatic range from C4 (middle C) to G5 (an octave and a half above).

While normal brass saxophones are ‘transposing instruments’ (pitched in either Eb or Bb), the jSax sounds at written or concert pitch (in C) meaning players can read from the same sheet music as violins, flutes, recorders, singers, pianos, and more. This is good for school music programmes as it encourages children to play together in ensembles.

Constructing instruments from plastic has many advantages besides the obvious price reduction. The jSax is virtually unbreakable, 100% waterproof, and extremely light. It’ll bounce if dropped and can be washed with soap and warm water. These properties are aimed to benefit beginners, but the jSax has become very popular as a novelty gift for advanced players too.

It comes complete with removable key plugs which seal the tone holes to assist players with smaller hands, and a snap-close ligature that prompts learners to correctly line up the reed and mouthpiece. The saxophone itself is available in a variety of funky colour combinations, and can be further customised by purchasing separate straight bells pieces to replace the default curved one.

Each outfit is supplied in a hard case with 2 plastic reeds, a fingering chart, and some joint grease. It is also possible to use traditional cane reeds with this instrument (not included) – Eb clarinet reeds work best.

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Instrument weight240g
Boxed weight760g
Colours availableBlack with blue trim
Black with green trim
Black with pink trim
White with blue trim
White with green trim
White with pink trim



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