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Yamaha DC2X Disklavier ENSPIRE grand piano

Boudoir size 5'8 grand piano with 88 keys and 3 pedals

Product code: DC2XEN Manufacturer: Yamaha


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  • High build quality and great resonant sound projection
  • High grade solid soundboard and bespoke CX series hammers
  • Based on the Yamaha C2X grand piano with Disklavier player system - perfect for the non pianist and studio use
  • 5'8'' acoustic grand piano, larger than the smaller DC1X with improved sound quality and a worthwhile upgrade
  • A self-playing piano with Yamaha's latest ENSPIRE player technology
  • Includes Yamaha SH Series Silent Piano system so you can practice privately via headphones - great for students!
  • Built in speakers and an XG sound engine mean your piano can play along with pre-recorded backing tracks
  • Controlled via a downloadable app on a iOS or Android device
Product code: DC2XEN Manufacturer: Yamaha

Built on the popular Yamaha C2X grand piano the Disklavier ENSPIRE DC2XEN combines the acoustic piano playability and elegance of the C2X with the latest player piano technology. It's a worthwhile upgrade from the smaller DC1XEN if you have the space and budget, as its longer strings and larger soundboard result in a much fuller and more resonant tone. It's an ideal choice for the home, studio or smaller performance space and benefits from bespoke lambs wool hammers and a unique soundboard design to improve resonance.

With Disklavier ENSPIRE not does it play your piano for you, but music can be streamed to your multi-room sound system, additional content streamed from Yamaha's online subscription service 'Piano Radio' and it can even help you learn to play. There are built in speakers too so you can play along with backing tracks, with both MIDI and Audio files.

ENSPIRE is the first generation of Disklavier to be completely controlled by an app too, downloadable to your iOS or Android device. There is therefore no cumbersome and unsightly control box bolted to the underside of the keyboard!

An XG sound engine for backing tracks and real audio playback provides lush backing tracks to play along with or listen to, some with live instrumentation and even vocals. On this note and in a unique collaboration between piano and Audio Visual departments your piano can now be used with a Yamaha MusicCast sound system for multi room listening via wireless streaming.

Truly an inpirational instrument for the pianist and non pianist alike!

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Acoustic Piano Specification:
• 5'8 CX Series grand piano
• 88 note keyboard
• Ivorite (satin) white keys
• Natural ebony black keys
• 3 pedals - damper, sostenuto and soft
• Newly developed C series bespoke hammers
• 3 position lid prop
• Soft closing keyboard fall
• Lockable lid and keyboard fall, supplied with 2 keys

Disklavier ENSPIRE ST Specification:
• Motor driving piano silencing mechanism
• CFX Binaural piano sampling for Silent Piano mode
• CFX Stereo sampling for audio output mode
• 256 note polyphony
• 16 playing instrument voices including:
• Piano
• Electric Piano 1-3
• Harpsichord 1 & 2
• Vibraphone
• Celesta
• Pipe Organ 1-4
• Jazz Organ
• Strings
• Choir
• Synth Pad
• 480 XG voices & 12 drum kits for playback
• 500 built in songs including:
• 380 piano solo son gs (PianoSoft Solo)
• 72 songs with instrumental accompaniments (PianoSoft Plus)
• 48 songs with audio backing (PianoSoft Audio)
• Adjustable master tuning: 414.8 HZ- 466.8 Hz (Tunable in ±0.2 Hz)
• 2 x mini jack headphone sockets
• MIDI In/Out
• Digital signal out port
• 3 x USB to device ports
• USB to host
• LAN port
• Supplied with USB wireless LAN adaptor UD-WL01
• Non-contact fibre optic grayscale shutter sensor system for each key (Sensors for the key position, key velocity, and key release velocity)
• Hammer sensors with non-contact fibre optic and shutter sensors
• Pedal sensors with non-contact optical position-sensing system on damper and shift pedals, and ON/OFF detection on the sostenuto pedal
• DSP servo drive system with servo controlled solenoids and key sensor feedback for key drive
• Servo controlled solenoids for pedal drive


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