Elkhart 100FHR Bb flugel horn

Full size Bb flugelhorn outfit for beginners

Product code: 100FHR Manufacturer: Elkhart


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  • Supplied in a padded case with mouthpiece and accessories
  • Rose brass lead pipe and bell
  • Three reliable monel piston valves
  • Cupronickel slides resist corrosion
Product code: 100FHR Manufacturer: Elkhart

The 100FHR is a full-sized entry level flugelhorn designed for beginners and young learners. Like all Elkhart instruments, it is extremely robust and offers excellent value for money which has made this flugel very popular with schools and music services.

It is made mostly of normal yellow brass, but features a rose brass leadpipe and bell. This softer metal makes it much easier for inexperienced players to produce and control a consistent pleasant tone which in turn will encourage practice and enthusiasm. Flugel horns have a conical bore that is much wider than a trumpet; the 100FHR tubing has a diameter of 11.2mm at the mouthpiece end and eventually flares into a large 154mm bell.

Each of the three piston valves is attached to a short length of cylindrical tubing. When air is diverted through these extensions by pressing one of the valves, the instrument’s fundamental is lowered allowing players to change pitch. The valves themselves are made of monel, a special ultra-hard alloy that resists corrosion. Sections of stronger cupronickel tubing with triggers can also be adjusted to fine tune the valves but must be kept well lubricated with slide grease.

Everything a beginner will need is supplied as part of the outfit including a padded gig-bag case with shoulder straps, a mouthpiece, a pot of valve oil, and a polishing cloth.



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